Showcasing beauty through photography


The Challenge

With the underlying goal of Mainstreet Tauranga being to bring foot traffic into our city centre, our challenge is to continually develop and promote reasons for people to want to come into, and spend time in, Downtown Tauranga. One way to do this is to create unique experiences that generate excitement, anticipation and provide a sense of enjoyment. The Trustpower Photographic Exhibition did just this.

A gallery of the top 20 photos taken for the trust power photographic exhibition

Our Process

Taking the Exhibition from the seed of an idea to reality was an extensive undertaking with many moving parts. It involved seeking out sponsorship, logistics and project management, creating a brand identity, communications, PR, social media and strategic marketing. The event consisted of two parts: the call for entries, where amateur and professional photographers from all over New Zealand could enter their favourite photos, and the exhibition itself where the top 20 photos as judged by a panel were featured on large-scale boards along The Strand.

Printed collateral - signage etc

The Results

The Trustpower Photographic Exhibition has now become an annual event and is on its fourth year and counting. Over 10,000 entries have been submitted, it has brought thousands of people into our city centre, and it has provided an opportunity to showcase and celebrate our national and local talent and showcase local organisations through sponsorship opportunities.

The public in Tauranga CBD enjoying the exhibition

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