Tenby Powell

From candidate to Mayor of Tauranga

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The Challenge

Tuskany has always been invested in our city’s growth, and we knew an effective leader was required to get the transformational change that Tauranga needed. So, when Tenby Powell said he wanted to make a difference here in Tauranga, we jumped at the request to develop, manage and execute his campaign to run for Mayor. Together, we set forth to stage what has been dubbed ‘the game changer campaign’.

We created a brand and strong and consistent look to run throughout the campaign

Our Process

Our role was to provide effective strategy and communication channels for enough of the residents of Tauranga to ‘sample the brand’ to ensure we could influence their voting decision. We did this by creating a strategic brand identity, developing innovative platforms for communication, leveraging strategic PR opportunities, facilitating direct connections with voters across the community and ensuring the campaign followed the mandate of one message, in volume, over time.

We created a fully responsive website for the campaign which with Tenby Powell we updated and expanded on. Here's how it looked.

The Results

On 12 October 2019, Tenby Powell was elected Mayor of Tauranga with a massive 4800 vote majority over the incumbent - the largest lead by a Mayor in several Tauranga elections. It was a landslide win that set a clear mandate for change.

From bill boards to press ads, social campaigns and organising events, we worked with Tenby to get his message out there. Here's how some of the adverts looked.

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