Active Supplements

A brand to challenge the perception of supplement health


The Challenge

Our client required a complete new brand including retail signage, packaging, e-commerce website, social media assets and promotional material.

The initial challenge was how to create a brand that appeals to active people without looking and sounding like your average 'supplement' provider. One thing was for sure, we needed to break down the stigma of muscle mania and gym junkies. We needed the brand to connect and resonate with the everyday person seeking a more active lifestyle. These humble kiwis often feel alienated and intimidated even walking into health supplement stores. Our campaign needed to demonstrate the genuine, passionate authenticity of the Active Supplements brand and team. But that’s not to say this brand isn’t also the experts on health supplements and nutrition for the hard core athletes and gym junkies. So how do you balance those value propositions without diluting the brand persona and messaging and how do you ensure you are still a strategically targeted brand?  
Well, with Tuskany at your side, that’s not that hard…

Our Process

We harnessed our inner athlete and asked 'what would we find appealing as active people who may not be familiar with the current supplement market?' We knew we needed a bright non-gender specific colour palette that exuded energy and vibrance. We developed brand messaging that captured the very essence of the brand. We wanted to show real people doing real things in sports they love at levels that may require that little bit extra to reach peak performance, and stay healthy and strong.

The Results

An authentic, vibrant, energising brand identity. From e-commerce website to shop front signage, packaging and marketing collateral, it has been a pleasure to work with the Active Supplements brand to bring their vision to life.

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