Acorn Foundation

Community hero gets a rebrand


The Challenge

We were honoured when our long time client Acorn Foundation asked us to assist them in a rebrand. Our challenge was to modernise their brand but retain the integrity and recognition they already had in our community. We decided that the best way of doing this was to take their beloved acorn tree through a complete overhaul.

Our Process

There are many reasons why companies rebrand - fatigue, redirection, boredom... growth. Acorn was a plant that needed to be repotted. It had outgrown its current home and needed space to thrive. After years of being all about the community, it was time to nurture and reflect from the inside.

In collaboration with our client, and to get to the bones of how their brand has evolved, we went about exploring the story of the Acorn Foundation - where it began and where it is now. What has changed? What's remains the same? How does the community perceive them and what do they stand for? They had grown so much and yet the branding had been left behind.

We set to work on developing a new brand befitting a strong reputation in the community. We looked at how they felt they were perceived by the community and how they wanted to be perceived; something modern, something recognisable, and something that everyone loved.

The Results

By developing the Acorn tree and introducing a wider colour palette, we were able to modernise the brand without losing any brand loyalty from the community. We introduced organic shapes to complement the design and reinforce the feeling of the wider community and giving. The new brand was then applied to a new website, advertising and corporate collateral.

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