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The Challenge

Tuskany Agency has been the sole agency for the Acorn Foundation for over 12 years, assisting with foundation growth. Following brand awareness campaigns Acorn commissioned Tuskany to assist in positively increasing public brand perception and improving understanding of what it is they do, the many ways in which a person can donate to the community via their foundation and how their process for distribution works.

A slide from the animated video depicting an icon of a character choosing to donate on their will

Our Process

Tuskany tackled this brief in many ways. One such way was to pitch to develop a resource which would articulate the unique ways that the public can engage with the foundation.

As the foundation has many ways in which donations can be received and their process for distribution can be quite complex to convey, it was vital that this resource explained things in a simple and concise way. An animated video was created and then promoted to assist with building public understanding.

A split screen slide from our animation working showing how Acorn gives options when donating to them

The Results

Tuskany has been privileged to assist the Acorn Foundation with delivering the below results

2008: Acorn held 54 donor funds, had $1.9 million invested and delivered $201,709 to the community via their annual distributions.

2019: Acorn held 300 donor funds, had $21 million invested and distributed over $1 million in annual distributions.

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