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The Challenge

The challenge is always to look for ways to Increase foot traffic in Tauranga City Centre and showcase the amazing eateries within our city centre's hospitality sector so we came up with Taste Tauranga as part of that plan.

Guests gather and taste food at the opening night of Taste Tauranga

Our Process

The inaugural 'Taste Tauranga' month long event was launched in 2018 to profile and support the Tauranga Mainstreet's hospitality sector while building brand recognition for Downtown Tauranga through positive emotive connections and influencing consumer behaviour by encouraging more frequent dining.

Taste Tauranga is an extraordinary FEASTival dedicated to everything food - from mouth-watering set menus to tapas trails throughout the city, a launch that included diamond giveaways, competitions galore and dining experiences with celebrity chefs.

Naturally communicating the many offerings available was paramount. Alongside our wide reaching communication plan, we utilised our large network to assist in promotions, creating for the public an outstanding FEASTival!

Some of the amazing food served up at the opening event.

The Results

Taste Tauranga's inagural event in 2018 achieved the following results:

Taste Tauranga 2019 achieved the following results:

Tuskany worked across all the brand collateral from menu's, flyers, adverts and more.

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