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The Challenge

By Stephen's own admission (the owner at The Pilates Loft), his website needed an update. His existing site was on an old Wordpress template that no longer really worked, it wasn't responsive and didn't show the quality Pilates service he offered nor the fantastic studio location he works out of. Our challenge was to come up with something that stood out from a competitive Pilates market here in Tauranga that would engage users, attract new clients and show how coming to The Pilates Loft will benefit those looking to take it up. Stephen was keen to put a focus on current clients and the benefits they have seen since starting Pilates rather than preaching about his own skills so this was something to be considered throughout the project.

A selection of screens from the new Pilates Loft website to showcase the responsive changes

Our Process

We started with a chat with Stephen and spoke in depth about what he does, what Pilates is all about, and even experienced a couple of private sessions to get a feel for what he does and how he teaches and trains. From these meetings we put together a site map of the site and worked with Stephen to refine these ideas.

Stephen had just had a fantastic photoshoot of the studio done so we were spoilt for choice in terms of imagery, and the brand was established and modern so we could base the website around that. From the site map we designed wireframes up to full design so we could share our ideas and develop those before going into the building stage.

Stephen was keen to be able to update the site... something he previously wasn't able to do so we built in a Content Management System that was easy to use and functional for what he needed.

As we built the site and progressed the design, we wanted to bring it to life with animation and interaction to draw the eye and engage the user, but without distracting from the overall user experience. We wanted to give the feeling of movement and stretching and a flow that resonates with Pilates as a practice.

Showcasing how the new Pilates Loft website looks on mobile

The Results

The Pilates Loft now has a fully responsive website that highlights the quality of the service they offer. Client stories create a personal touch that gives insight into their experience and benefits from going to The Pilates Loft. The site feels calming and welcoming and brings an engaging experience to the user.

We also wanted to highlight the studio and the quality of the space as well as the great equipment and facilities for Stephen's clients, so we built a page to showcase that as well as a page to help people new to Pilates understand the benefits and what Pilates is all about.

These pages not only help with engagement and understanding but should also help bring SEO benefits.

A selection of screens from the new Pilates Loft website to showcase the responsive changes

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