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The Challenge

Mountbry has built a reputation for producing high quality cakes and desserts for the professional food service and retail industry around the world. A leading craft dessert manufacturer, Mountbry sell to international hotel groups and cafe chains, major supermarket chains, airlines, catering companies and institutions.

Tuskany was tasked with developing a website look, feel and messaging that captured the iconic, premium New Zealand appeal of the Mountbry brand. Superior quality, premium ingredients, grass fed dairy, non-GMO ingredients, innovation and a passion for pure goodness, pure flavour oozes from the Mountbry brand. This needed to be reflected in the new website that will act as a showcase for the divine range of hand-crafted products on offer.

A laptop showing the homepage of the new Mountbry website

Our Process

Our process began by setting out a clear site map and developing a user experience that allowed the user to easily navigate and explore the range of products offered by Mountbry while highlighting the great chefs and brands they have worked with over the years.

The Superior quality of the products neded to be reflected in the website so we used some of Mountbry's great photography to sell what they produce.

The previous site Mountbry had was very labour intensive for them to add or remove any items so we created a simple CMS that allows them to add new products quickly and easily without the worry of any design or development work.

A desktop computer showing a selection of the Mountbry cake range

The Results

Mountbry now have a fully responsive website that showcases their range of delicious products. With better SEO and accessibility throughout, they now have a website that matches the quality of their brand.

Click here to see the website.

A laptop showing a link to the Mountbry product page.

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