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The Challenge

To build awareness of Acorn Foundation many offerings and improve on general publics understanding of what the foundation do and their importance in our community.

Acorn Foundation Website Home Page

Our Process

Tuskany pitched the concept of a refreshed website to the Acorn Foundation in order to build public perception and understanding of their many ways to give and how their funding model works - as Acorn Foundation's funding model provides more financial assistance to local charitable organisations than a one off donation - as well as tell their very positive story.

Tuskany worked in partnership with Acorn on the project, who requested to assist with copy writing for specific sections of the site while Tuskany completed other sections ready for approval. Additionally, Tuskany worked with Acorn’s existing website builder to build the site.

To connect with as broad an audience as possible Tuskany used a multifaceted communication approach to explain the complexities of the foundations offerings and funding model including copy writing, animation, flow charts and infographics to convey information.

The website had to be end-user focused so the site map was strategically tested to ensure that the what and how were aligned seamlessly with the why – showcasing the many local organisations that have been positively impacted by Acorn Foundation’s Distributions. Additionally, a call to action to donate online was included to make this process as easy as possible.

A view of the mobile website we created for Acorn Foundation

The Results

Here is what our client had to say about the project upon completition,

"Acorn is thrilled with the work that Tuskany has done on our website. We have had such fantastic feedback on the design of our new website, which is now easier to navigate and clearly explains what the Acorn Foundation does in a simple way. We had a new donor came on board recently following in-depth research on our website, which goes to show just how vital this communication stream is to our organisation."

Lori Luke, Acorn Foundation General Manager

An image of the website within a computer screen showing one of the web pages designed.

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