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Communicating the importance of public health

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The Challenge

When asked “What is public health?” most people think of things like doctors, nurses, hygiene, immunisations or food safety. But public health is so much more than that - it protects our environments, prevents illness and injury and promotes health and wellbeing of communities.

Toi Te Ora, the public health unit for the Bay of Plenty and Lakes District Health Boards, came to Tuskany with a challenge to figure out away to communicate this vital message in a more compelling way.

A group of children holding a sign that says public health

Our Process

Our solution to this challenge was to conceptualise, produce and deliver a dynamic, fun and information video featuring two of Toi Te Ora's fantastic team members, Liz and Dave, in leading roles. Casting Toi Te Ora employees, rather than paid actors, was a strategic decision to ensure the end result was highly authentic. It allowed for the passion that Liz and Dave have for their jobs to really shine through, strengthening the overall message.

The presenters with a group of children.

The Results

The result of this project was a video that communicated the vital message of what Public Health is in an energising, authentic and dynamic way. The client was thrilled with the end result and has seen extremely positive reach and engagement across their digital platforms since sharing the video.

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