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The Challenge

How you speak to your target market defines how successful your brand will be.  

CANZAC are a specialist manufacturing supplier and distributor of concrete.  Boasting the biggest range in Australasia and over 60 year’s experience they work with engineers, builders, architects and developers.

They approached Tuskany to transform their website into a more dynamic platform that spoke directly to their target markets in a compelling way and profiled their competitive advantages.  We jumped at the opportunity to get knee deep in all things concrete, fully understand what CANZAC’s objectives were and create stronger value propositions for their target markets on a dynamic new website.

Visual of the product page from the new Canzac website

Our Process

Our first step in the process was to review the current site, identify ways to make the site more user friendly and easier to navigate so that their target markets could immediately access the CANZAC experience and latest technologies to match the best products and accessories to their needs.

We also needed to understand how CANZAC needed to use the website.   Once we understood this we were able to decide on a CMS version of the site that gave them a huge level of flexibility from adding products, industry news, projects and more.

We built site maps to understand what functionality and content required for the new website and to ensure a UX experience for the users.  We then developed the wireframes and the content for the website before commencing the full build.

Compelling communication is one of the hallmarks of Tuskany.  We were able to take their key features and benefits and develop a brand language and tone that was personable and authentic and, critically, conveyed their level of expertise and experience to build brand trust with the target markets.

Collaboration was a key aspect of the project.  We started the build process on the products page to allow the CANZAC team to work alongside us adding in all the products and specs as we built the pages.  We built custom filters for projects and for the industry news sections of the website giving the user greater flexibility to find what they are looking for

3 mocked up visuals from the new Canzac website

The Results

The site as you would expect these days is fully responsive built to six different breakpoints meaning it looks good and functions well on all screen sizes.  Product information is clear and the user is quickly able to establish if it’s something that might be useful to their build. Users are able to choose customer filters within projects, and the knowledge centre to easily find what they are looking without having to scroll through pages and pages.

We were chuffed with the feedback from the Canzac team and look forward to working with them on other future projects.

Have a look at the website here.

3 visuals from the mobile design of the Canzac website

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