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The Challenge

Inspired Kindergartens approached us needing an information booklet that could be provided to prospective clients as a sales tool and new clients as a reference document. Therefore, the booklet needed to be both persuasive and informative while complementing the already existing Inspired Kindergartens brand.

An image from inside the Inspired Kindergartens welcome brochure

Our Process

While Inspired Kindergartens already had a well established brand identity, we new this booklet needed to showcase their competitive advantages in a unique and engaging way to stand out from their competitors and resonate with their target audience. To do this, we developed a series of illustrative elements that could be incorporated into their current branding and imagery to elevate it to the next level. The illustrations focused on elements including native plants and animals that reflected Inspired Kindergarten's values and strong connection with nature and the environment.

An image from inside the Inspired Kindergartens welcome brochure

The Results

The result of this project was a beautifully designed, functionally effective and persuasive Welcome Guide that Inspired Kindergartens can proudly present to prospective and new clients. The newly developed illustrative elements were also incorporated across other collateral and customer touch points to elevate the brand as a whole.

An image to show the Inspired Kindergartens website with the new elements incorporated

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