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Wednesday Challenge

A Regional Initiative

Strategy | Branding | UX Design | Website Design | Marketing | Social Media | PR | Collaboration

Tuskany was asked to strategically develop a unique and engaging brand identity and marketing strategy to engage Tauranga in a year long challenge to reduce traffic congestion on our roads. 

Tuskany developed a strategy that ensured the campaign resonated with the market on multiple levels, highlighting the environmental, health and well-being benefits.   This ‘behavioural change’ campaign required a robust strategy to connect, resonate and engage the community over a year long project.  Having established strong brand awareness with the launch of the campaign we then focussed on building momentum and participation growth.

A key component of the campaign was Tuskany’ development of a web app to power the challenge.  Tuskany developed the design of the website and the UX and UI of the web app creating a user friendly platform for participants to register and log their journeys every Wednesday.  The challenge here was to create two variations of the app. One that worked for individuals and teams and one that worked for schools and colleges. The introduction of points, rewards and prizes added a fun element to the campaign, helping to drive community participation.

With the development of sector teams across the community Tuskany’s role included the development of bespoke marketing campaigns and collateral for neighbourhoods, the business sector and schools.  Our role also encompassed data analysis and reporting, influencer marketing, events and activations, PR and advertising.

A double spread advert launching the Wednesday Challenge
A photo of the community after a group cycle for the Wednesday Challenge