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Great Goodbyes

Launching a global brand

Strategy | UX Design | Website Design | Marketing | Social Media | Collaboration

Tuskany was approached by one of New Zealand’s most successful entrepreneurs, Sharon Hunter, to help launch her global start up initiative, Great Goodbyes, on the international market.

Our work focused around utilising our strategic expertise and design credentials to transform their website into a significantly larger, website platform that allows users to create digital funeral plans, source unique ideas and connect with providers in their region. We also developed collateral and strategic campaign for the launch of a smart digital strategy for social media, launching the brand and building a massive audience.

Great Goodbyes website and social strategy has launched in Portland, Oregon, USA and we have loved every moment of the journey, with this incredible brand, so far.

Social Media Concept for Great Goodbyes
Social Media concepts for Great Goodbyes
An image showing how pages from the Great Goodbyes website would look within a tablet.
Desktop, Tablet and Mobile layout for the Great Goodbyes website