Sally Cooke

Marketing and Brand Strategist

Sally, the co-founder of Tuskany, would probably need more than her share of words to write here, as she revels in the challenge of writing, but no words are wasted in the Tuskany arena! This firecracker works at 150km/hr churning out strategic branding and marketing expertise, and never fails to bring energy and passion to our Tuskany clients and the team. Communication is her passion.  A past journalist, Sally is now a brand strategist and the Director of Tuskany. Sally revels in helping brand communicate better with their clients and customers. In her spare time (if she has any!) Sally enjoys spending time with her family, sailing, skiing and catching up with friends. 

Fiona Corkery

AGENCY Manager

Our agency manager Fiona runs a balancing act, managing the agency to ensure we have the systems, processes and team support in place to efficiently and consistently deliver quality products and outcomes to our clients every single day.  The fact Tuskany never misses deadlines is in any small part due to Fiona’s influence. Fiona’s unwavering commitment to keep pushing the agency to strive for excellence in everything we do ensures we never rest on our laurels and always pride ourselves on over-delivering to our client partners. In Fiona’s spare time she enjoys spending time with family, reading, and tracing her family heritage.

Victoria Thompson


Victoria has a strong interest in illustration and layout design and enjoys drawing inspiration from her surroundings. She is interested in the growing use of infographics and how these can be used to visually communicate messages to a wide range of audiences. Following study, she spent 8 years working in Auckland as a designer including working within one of the largest marketing teams in New Zealand. Outside of work she is a huge animal lover and a keen home renovator.

Renata Drysdale


With a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in marketing and experience in the digital marketing industry, Renata is eager to put her skills to use while learning and growing in her role at Tuskany. Offering a unique combination of creativity and analytical skill, Renata thrives on the collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking required to deliver effective marketing. In her spare time Renata loves to swim, camp, and explore new walking tracks.

Tara Fowler


Tara is fascinated with visual communication and loves that she can play a role in communicating relevant and inspiring ideas in her daily life. She loves to explore creative typography and values the use of a good old fashioned grid and white space within her work. She is interested in how these design elements from print translate into the digital realm, which is an expanding medium for Tuskany's clients. Tara grew up in the Bay of Plenty then following her schooling spent 5 years in Wellington studying and working in the design industry. She is inspired by her year travelling around the world and passionate about sustainable living.

Bronwen Cowley

Graphic Designer

Bronie loves to shape innovative designs, unique layouts and particularly enjoys using complimentary colours to create eye catching work that stands out in print, packaging and digital applications. With a huge amount of knowledge in finishings and print, Bronie is an intrical part of our design team, seeing clients work through to a high standard finished product. 

Millie Newitt

A prerequisite of working at Tuskany is that you must have bucket loads of energy, an unwavering pursuit of excellence and passion and Millie has all that and more. 

Millie has a strong passion for art, culture and community. Following her studies in Media, Communications and Fine Arts, Millie worked for two years at Creative Bay of Plenty as Gallery Curator and Arts Advisor. She is excited to continue working in Tauranga as Mainstreet Coordinator, helping the city to evolve and thrive as a dynamic, collaborative and creative place. An artist in her own right, Millie specialises in murals and place making projects which she believes massively contributes to the heart of a city.