The Perfect Day Video Campaign Downtown Tauranga
16 October 2017
The Perfect Day Video Campaign Downtown Tauranga

Every day the team at Tuskany has the privilege of running the Downtown Tauranga marketing and management contract and every day we focus on how we can dynamically showcase and promote our gorgeous city centre and all that we have on offer. 

With all the growth and development that has happened of late with the opening of the stunning tidal stairs, all the new businesses opening and the future projects getting underway we thought now was the ‘perfect’ time to take a moment to capture how much we have on offer here.  We think it’s time to celebrate the unique and special places and experiences that you can find and enjoy during a day in the city centre. 

In the first in our series of showcase videos… we bring you our take on ‘The Perfect Day’. The video celebrates our city centre and the amazing people within it.

We launched the video as part of a social media campaign, with $1,000 up for grabs to put towards the perfect day in Downtown Tauranga. Entrants described their perfect day in Downtown Tauranga and tagged someone they would want to spend it with.

We received and overwhelming amount of genuine heartfelt responses which showcased the love and passion people have for our vibrant city centre. As well as promoting our members through the customers tagging business pages in their responses.

View the video here

The video reached over 40,625 people. It had over 36,220 views. Over 890 reactions, comments and shares and 118 comments at the time the competition ended.