The Secret to Business Survival - A Game Plan.

The webinar you should take a moment to watch for the sake of your business.

The Secret to Business Survival is hosted by Isis Farrelly (Weather the Storm | Getting Through) and Tom Beswick (Director at Ingham Mora and Mainstreet Board member). This webinar is full of practical financial advice to help you take control of your business in these uncertain times and pan a pathway through.

In this practical 45 minute webinar we will cover five topics:

1. Circle of control: What you can influence and what to do about it.

2: First things first: A paint-by-numbers approach to business and financial planning.

3: Having your finger on the pulse: Which financial documents & targets you need to be all over.

4. Eye on the prize: Spending your energy, resources and money strategically (and not being distracted by shiny objects!).

5: Plan, act, review, repeat: Habits of successful business owners.

Every topic covered includes success stories from real-life NZ business owners who are adapting to survive.

View the webinar here.

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