Tauranga deserves better leadership...and now we have it!

What an absolute privilege and honour it has been working with and for Tenby Powell for Mayor of Tauranga on his mayoral campaign. A true leader and visionary.

Tuskany has always been passionately and demonstratively invested in our city’s growth. We knew, to get the transformational change that Tauranga needs, we needed an effective leader and as a city we have been waiting for this day for some time. So when Tenby Powell said he was hard-wired to make a difference and wanted to make that difference here, in Tauranga … we couldn’t believe this city’s good fortune.

Tuskany's Chief Executive, Sally Cooke, took on the role of campaign manager and the Tuskany team worked on the campaign with her and Tenby. Working alongside Tenby gave us the opportunity to get to know him more and as many will now discover, there’s nothing but good in Tenby Powell’s inclusive, visionary, strategic and respectful leadership skills.

When it comes to putting together strategic marketing campaigns and brand building the better the essence of the product or offering that you have at the outset, the easier the job of marketing and communicating that offering … and the smaller the gap between what the brand promises and what it actually delivers. With Tenby Powell we had, what we call, liquid gold. The real deal. We didn’t have to create illusion or oversell. We didn’t have to package up a brand. This was one of the most authentic campaigns we’ve been involved in. We were simply able to create the platforms for Tenby Powell to communicate his vision and to allow the residents of Tauranga to see the integrity, experience and credentials of the man.

Tauranga we are now in very, very good hands and with such a large majority on the vote count Tenby Powell has a clear mandate to lead the change and to deliver his vision. This will be a game changer for our city, we have absolutely no doubt about that, and we are immensely proud to have played our part in helping secure Tenby Powell as our new Mayor of Tauranga.

Thank you Tenby. Here’s to what Tauranga truly deserves - better leadership!

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