5 New Years Resolutions for your Digital Marketing

At the start of a New Year it’s always traditional to make a few resolutions, right? Well why not transfer this from your personal to your professional life? Every business has adopted some form of bad marketing tactic, whether that be down to lack of knowledge, technical skill or solely because of marketing stagnation.With that in mind, here are five marketing-related resolutions for your consideration. See if any resonate with you. 


Become a more visually oriented marketer

We’re in a visual era, and consequently need a highly personalized, multi-channel visual marketing strategy to keep up. This doesn’t mean that written content is useless (you’re reading a blog right now aren’t you?), but it does mean that you should attempt to incorporate more visuals into your marketing. Visual content marketing is and has been more successful than any other form of communication in the past few years. Look to include more video and animated content into your marketing in 2020 and let us know how that worked for you!


Enhance your mobile format

Are you still stuck in the era of desktop optimisation? Incase you’ve been living under a rock, we’re now living in a mobile first world! And no, that’s not speculation, it's a fact. Too often do we tend to think in terms of how our websites appear on a PC and neglect the mobile format. If this sounds like you, 2020 is your year to bring it mobile. There are heaps of easy ways to do this, you don’t always have to hire externally. Look into WordPress or other templated website builders if you don’t have the budget to invest into an agency. 


Stop Focusing Your SEO Strategy Solely on Keywords

 Keywords are not the be all and end all of a nicely ranking website! Old school marketers are clinging to on site SEO and sprinkling tons of keywords into every dark crevice of their website. While yes, admittedly, keywords hold some weight, it shouldn’t be your only or even major focus. And as a side note, forcefully stuffing keywords into your content often diminishes readability, and in some cases it can totally derail the ever sought after Google points you’re trying to make up, so stop doing it.


Invest in Time and Skill

How many of you reading this have looked at digital marketing asa ‘side project’ or ‘quick win’ activity that you have given the responsibility of to an untrained inhouse team member? This is not the way. 

Digital marketing is a huge beast, made up of a plethora of intricacies, skills and talents. It isn’t a one stop shop falling under the umbrella of Sales & Marketing. For digital to have a good impact, you need to invest in the right people, giving them the right time and freedom to perform. Invest correctly in you digital and you will start to reap the rewards. 


 Adapt Your Company Processes and Working Set Up

No longer are we living in the 1900’s. We aren’t in the industry of factory and manufacturing work, so why are we remaining to adopt the ‘typical’ factory 9-5 work day. While it may work for manufacturing, it doesn’t always work for digital creative industries. It is no secret that you can’t force creativity. It isn’t a machine that you switch on at 9am and off at 5pm.It works differently for everyone, which is why digital nomading and the use of freelancers is becoming such a widespread source of companies marketing, If you manage a digital marketing team, it might be worth looking into how they each work best on an individual basis. 

We know it is difficult switching up company processes and working arrangements, but we do recommend you start somewhere. You don’t have to go full digital nomad with your employees, but maybe try introducing flexibility in hours, breaks and working from home days.