Christmas Recipes
18 December 2014
Christmas Recipes

Toffee Pop truffles

2 Packets of Original Toffee Pops

4 TBSP Cream Cheese (Original, not light)

3 Cadbury Flakes


In a food processor blend the toffee pops and cream cheese (half a pack of Toffee Pops and 1 TBSP Cream Cheese at a time) to make a sticky mixture. It is ok to leave some biscuit chunks for extra crunch.

Use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the food processor after each batch.

Remove the blade from the food processor, then roll mixture in to bite size balls (about 25mm round).

Crush flake until fine and roll balls through to coat.

Put the balls in an airtight container and put straight in to the fridge to set. Keep refrigerated. 



Nigella’s Christmas Rocky Road



Christmas Cake



Mini Cup Cakes and Easy Lemon Tarts

With just three simple ready-made ingredients you can put together these delicious lemon tarts that everyone will enjoy

Sweet Pastry Cases
Lemon Curd
Mini Meringues
Tip: Mini meringues can be found at the Gourmet Trader and can be used across a variety of desserts



Santa's Brownie Hats

1 pan of your favourite brownie cut into rounds

12-16 small strawberries

Fresh cream

1 tsp Icing Sugar

1tsp Vanilla Extract


Whip cream until thick and adding icing sugar and vanilla extract

Wash strawberries and cut off top of each one (Dry with paper towels)

Using a piping bag pipe cream around the edges of the each brownie round and place a strawberry on top to make the hat.

Pipe a small dollop of cream on the top of each hat to make the pompom.




Fudgey Choc Chip Cookies

175gms butter

1 and a ½ cups choc drops

1 cup brown sugar

¼ cup white sugar

1 egg

 Vanilla essence (dash)

2 cups of plain flour

½ teaspoon of baking soda

 ½ teaspoon of salt


Put oven rack into the middle of the oven and preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius on fan bake.

Line a tray with baking paper (not grease proof paper).

In a large saucepan add cubes of butter to melt on a medium heat, take off heat before fully melted.

Add in 1 cup of the choc drops, let the heat in the pan melt the chocolate.

Add in brown and white sugar and mix together.

Sift in flour and baking soda.

Add in salt and the remaining ½ cup of choc drops, mix together.

Scoop out little bundles of mixture onto the tray, don’t flatten. Arrange far enough apart so that they have room to spread out and cook evenly.

Cook for 15 minutes.

Cool for 2-3 minutes then move cookies to a wire frame cooling rack to cool properly.

Please Note: The cookies are supposed to be a little squishy once cooked.