Marketing Tips - Running a successful Facebook Page
10 March 2016
Marketing Tips - Running a successful Facebook Page

We all know the influence that social media has on our daily lives. The modern business environment is no different, social media and most notably Facebook are now key and almost compulsory components of the marketing mix.

Here are our top five tips for running a flourishing Facebook page:


Run an advert

Social Media is a fantastic medium to easily promote your business to a large targeted audience. It’s quite scary just how much Facebook knows about its audience, but in this instance, this knowledge is to your advantage! You can tailor your advert to reach a select group of individuals that you believe would be most interested in your product. Targeting by Location, Age, Gender, Language, Interests and Behaviours are all available. The fantastic thing about this is that all the money you invest in a Facebook Advert is being used to hit your target market.


Update your page frequently

Imagine if stores never changed their products… it would get pretty boring wouldn’t it? The same philosophy exists with Facebook. If you want people to engage with your page there has to be new and exciting information available on it.


Insights & Reports are available for a reason… Use them!

Each Facebook Business Page has an insights tab, which gives you an overview of how well your page is doing. You will be able to track how many people see your posts and how engaged they were with them, as well as getting detailed information on the people who like your page. This reporting allows you to see what your audience best responds to, by trialling posting different content at different times etc. This well help you to ensure that all of your future posts are as effective and successful as possible.


Make your posts relevant and valuable

Don’t post just for the sake of it! Each post needs to add value to the reader; so that they don’t become disengaged with your page and in some instances unsubscribe. Social Media is not a quick fix and needs time dedicated to it each day for it to be successful. Utilise the reporting available to look at who your audience are, their age, gender etc. and what post content has had good results in the past, then try to find similar topics to showcase or start discussions about.


Include videos and photography

The eye is attracted to visual elements over text, especially those that move. For this reason we would advise steering away from posting text based content. If the text in your post is the most important thing complement it with a photo, this will help to ensure the post gets noticed far more often. Uploading relevant videos and photos is a great way to increase the reach of your posts and the likes of your page. Ensure that you are careful not to share pictures that you do not own.


And one for good luck – Keep it Social!

Remember that Facebook is a SOCIAL media platform. People are on Facebook to socialise and keep up with current events, NOT to be ‘sold to’. Therefore it is important that you are not just posting products and offers all the time, but including social elements as well. Making the page more personal and friendly is hugely important. People are more likely to engage with your page if the content continues to change and adds value to them. For example perhaps you could include information about an upcoming event your audience may find interesting, or ask your audience their thoughts on a relevant topic.

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