Adelpha Care Signage
1 June 2015
Adelpha Care Signage

Sam approached us with her holistic vision of creating the first specialist women's health centre here in the Bay of Plenty. We jumped at the chance to help her and many other women by creating an extensive brand identity which is nurturing, supportive and empathetic.

The colour palette offers neutral tones for internal decorating, a variation of colours to compliment the chosen brand colour and contrasting colours for development of the brand if it were to go into other specialist areas.


There are many unique graphic elements that make up the Adelpha Care brand. Some of these include: The circle - used to highlight important text areas, facts, hints and tips. The leaf - used as an individual element applied in backgrounds or overlaid on images and the ribbon - representative of the feminine.  



Patterns have been designed to using the graphic elements.


The application of the window signage complimenting the interior design of the waiting room.


Flyers designed for the Adelpha Care launch evening