Wharf Street Development
1 July 2015
Wharf Street Development

Tuskany Agency currently holds the contract for Mainstreet Tauranga something we are very proud of. We became aware that business owners and landlords wanted rejuvenation in their area and believed that the Tauranga CBD needed something to entice and incentivise people to come into the city centre to boost the local economy. So the passionate Team at Tuskany Agency set to the task right away and it was soon decided that Wharf Street would be the location. The clue is in the name! Wharf Street used to be a Wharf and we wanted to create a meaningful and engaging environment the locals could really associate with and would also be eye catching for tourists and out of town visitors.

Partnering with a collection of restaurant owners, using ‘Wharf’ as a theme we turned part of Wharf Street in to a communal outdoor dining precinct with rustic outdoor seating, signage and information boards about the history of Wharf Street. In order to be more accommodating to pedestrians the street was changed to be one way.

We were creating a unique environment in the city centre, but how were we going to tell people about it and get them to come and enjoy it? Facebook proved to be a useful and engaging promotional and communicative tool. We created a Wharf Street Facebook page and through a mix of advertising and engaging posts we took people on the Wharf Street journey, through its development and launch, whilst maintaining the heritage theme via a series of old photos (thanks to Tauranga City Libraries). Quickly we secured over 2,000 subscribers, the majority of which are still actively engaged.

With stage one complete it was time to celebrate the street transformation with a Winter Festival, featuring a series of events including live music, dance performances, tapas nights and most notably an outdoor movie night showing Disney’s Ratatouille. The open air movie night proved to be the signature event of the Wharf Street Winter Festival. With over 400 people packing into Wharf Street on rugs and under blankets to enjoy the show. 

Through Wharf Street Tuskany has managed to create a unique offering for Tauranga City Centre which has been positively received by the public and business owners alike, with some restaurant owners reporting growth in their businesses. 

For Mainstreet Tauranga, Tuskany Agency provided the following for the Wharf Street initative; Logo Development, Brand Activation, Digital Marketing, Place Making Marketing, Event Management, Marketing & Promotional Strategy.