The Gym Rebrand
1 February 2015
The Gym Rebrand

Lindsay and Lisa approached Tuskany Agency with an exciting challenge; to revitalise The Gym Tauranga with a fresh, new brand that could be effectively communicated across a variety of platforms helping to achieve their vision of The Gym Tauranga becoming an industry leader in healthy living in the Bay of Plenty Region.

Central to the new brand was the positioning statement ‘Confident. Empowered. Strong’; which creates an emotional connection with all of the Gym’s members and prospective new members, stakeholders and staff. We wanted to convey the message that by being part of The Gym you would feel confident, empowered and strong, allowing the brand to talk to people on an emotive level.

An essential part of the revitalised brand was the creation of a new website. The website now has a strong focus on user ability, with clear and simple navigation, encouraging people to actively engage with the brand. Some of the key features of the site included online bookings for exercise classes and articles on healthy living helping to build The Gym’s brand identity of being a driver of healthy living in the Bay. The idea behind the website was to provide people with an interactive and accessible means to communicate with The Gym Tauranga, whilst adding as much value as possible to each visitor.

All other collateral was also re-branded, including business cards, water bottles, bumper stickers etc…

For The Gym Tauranga’s Rebrand, Tuskany Agency provided: Logo Development, Brand Development & Heritage, Web Design and Production Management, Launch Promotion and Communications Strategy.