Canvas Tauranga Careers Expo 2019
25 August 2019
Canvas Tauranga Careers Expo 2019
Canvas Tauranga Careers Expo 2019
Tuskany’s core objective wass to build and increase expo attendance. In 2017 the Canvas Expo lost ground both in terms of marketing exposure and audience attendance. In 2018 Tuskany was able to build attendance back up and our role in 2019 was to insure this was sustained and grown further. By achieving this core objective we would also achieve the aim of increasing the value of the initiative for all stakeholders involved.
Strategic development and delivery of communication plan
Digital strategy and implementation
Graphic design
Website refresh
Media and PR
Entrance experience
Tuskany was able to achieve a 33.33% growth in attendance numbers of the event
Social Media channels saw an increase of more than 56% on average post reach on the previous year
It was our pleasure and privilege to work in partnership with Priority One and the Rotary Club of Tauranga on this event again.