Acorn Foundation - Communications Development
8 November 2018
Acorn Foundation - Communications Development

The Project

The Acorn Foundation brand is well-established and has great recognition in our community. However, research had identified that there was a disconnect between what the Acorn Foundation do and what the public perceives the Acorn Foundation to do. This along with growth in their offered services had resulted in their target market developing.

These changes provided an exciting opportunity to take a strategically wider view of the Acorn Foundation brand and explore where we could take it, injecting it with new energy to better reach and connect with a younger engaged audience, help those in need more and make a bigger difference.

A communication review was undertaken to ensure that the Acorn Foundation’s story, services and USP were clearly articulated to the developed target market. A fresh and vibrant theme was developed and implemented across all communication platforms along with a dynamic, user experience focused website a series of animated videos and a revised digital strategy.

Our Work

  • Conceptual development
  • Brand theming
  • Website and sitemap design and implementation -
  • Icon development
  • Animated video creation
  • Imagery sourcing


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